What Did You Know About the Foundation Construction?

You can gain information about San Marcos Rock foundation repair to ensure that you’ll have the right contractor when repairing the foundation. Here is what you should know when constructing the foundation.

Foundation is often called the structure of the bottom (substructure) is located at the bottom of the building that serves to support the entire load of the building and forward to the ground below. Given the location within the ground covered by a layer of tiles and yard, the foundation must be made strong, safe, stable, durable and able to support the building load, because damage to the foundation will be very difficult to fix. Damage to the foundation will always be followed by damage to the upper building. For example foundation broke or decreased, then built the top will look the damage in the form:

– The walls are cracked and tilted
– The floor is bumpy and cracked
– The position of the door/window frames shifted, causing the door or window leaves are difficult to open
– The angle of the staircase changes
– Decline of buildings, roofs of buildings, may even lead to the collapse of the entire building

In planning the foundation there are 2 important things to keep in mind, namely; that the strength of the foundation is based on the strength of the foundation material itself and the underlying ground forces. The foundation material must have full strength and will not be damaged by the building load, it can be done the calculation analysis based on material permit stress. The strength of the soil under the foundation must be able to support the foundation load and the building load above it in the absence of a decrease, it can be planned by making the size of the foundation so large based on the recommendation of the soil investigation, so that the soil permit voltage is not exceeded. The things that can often cause damage to the foundation are:
– The existence of changes in the function of the building, resulting in loading that exceeds the capacity of the foundation
– The occurrence of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides
– Damage to soil structure due to the construction of heavier buildings nearby
– The existence of uncertainty factors and soil types that are not uniform, resulting in the wrong assessment in planning.

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