The Quality of Building Walls Is Determined By These Factors

Have you ever heard or witnessed yourself there is a building wall that looks very strong and still new but suddenly fell then collapsed for no apparent reason? The wall that looks solid is not a guarantee if the quality is also good and strong. Because the strength of the wall not only can be seen from the side of the outer appearance and the age of the wall only. There are several determinants of the durability and quality of building walls, we will tell you about quality wall secrets; the first of course its construction. If the process is not technically perfect, it will cause the effect of wall strength becomes weak. For example, the size of the iron bone is too small, the connection is a less tight bracelet or any part released, this can make the quality of the wall so reduced. Similarly, the number of columns and others should all be calculated according to the size of the wall and the size of the building to be made.

The second is the foundation factor. This element should be made with a sufficient depth size and corresponding to the height of the building. Similarly, soil conditions should also be considered because it has a very close relationship with the form or type of suitable foundation made. Another factor is building materials, especially brick and cement mixture and sand used to make dough grout or paste and plaster layer. The bricks used to make the walls must be of good quality. How to choose this brick ever explained in the previous article. Similarly, the sand cement dough making system to create a cover or plaster layer has also been reviewed. The water used to make the cement dough also has a considerable effect on the quality of the walls. Use water according to predefined rules. Another thing that also has a relationship with water is the seepage that enters the wall structure. This water can appear from channels attached to the wall and leak, poor plaster quality then makes rainwater can come in and seep and so on.

No less important is the process of making the wall itself must be done properly. The making of the wall though looks simple but if not done carefully, can make the quality of walls that are made to be reduced. Starting from the size, the process of making cement mortar, brick installation and so on should be done well and people who have experienced. To get a building with a solid wall, it should not be made originally. There must be a mature calculation. For that, you should use the services of architect consultants or building contractors. With their own experience and knowledge, they will design, select materials and conduct sustained supervision. So almost impossible, you will get the quality of the fragile building walls.