Home construction is ideal for rainfall

In addition to flooding, high rainfall can also cause problems at home. Call it a leaking roof, seepage of water on the wall or floor, to weathering the door frames or windows are made of wood. The amount of water that concerns the building directly with high tempo is the main cause of the problems that arise. However, that does not mean there is no solution to the problem. This is what should be considered by the owners of the house, ie whether the house construction is ready to face high rainfall in the rainy season? You can consult with experts from our company that is fix slab foundation .

In order for rainwater to be immediately disposed of quickly to the ground, the roof of the house should not be too sloping, let alone flat (roof dak). Slow water wasted due to the sloping roof is the main cause of leakage, although strong (not concrete) will generally cause puddles that can cause various problems such as mosquitoes, fungi and so on. Ideally, the recommended roof of the house has a minimum angle of 30 degrees. The drainage system from the roof also needs attention. Otherwise, water from the tile is wasted to the ground will cause splashes that hit the wall, and cause dirty. For that, it needs a vertical grating on the lips tile that connects with horizontal gutters so that water can be disposed of smoothly.

In addition, you can also make overstep (longer roof lips) so that the discharged water is not too close to the wall. The overstock work system is like an umbrella that protects the human body from rain. It is recommended that the overstek is 1.5 meters long. Overstek can also be made on windows to avoid rainwater on the sills or enter the house through the ventilation cracks. In addition to guttering, other anticipations in avoiding rainwater splashes against wall and entry into the yard so the dirty cause is by making a high foundation. Recommended, the foundation height is 80 cm above ground level. The high foundation of the house also avoids the possibility of seepage of water into the house through the ground/floor.