Different Mask Material Can be Used Based on the Situation

The debate surrounding the efficacy of ordinary surgical masks and N95 masks counteract the dangers of the effects of heavy smoke on social media. Actually no need to fuss whether to wear an N95 mask or wear a regular surgical mask. Both can be used to counteract the danger of smoke. It’s just that N95 mask can filter small particles below 10 PM. Please note that N95 is one of the best masks at https://homepractical.com/best-dust-mask/ to protect people from harmful dust and microorganisms. Although there is a debate that N95 masks cannot be used all ages, that does not mean the respirator mask cannot be the best mask to avoid dust and smoke.

The N95 mask is good for filtering small smoke particles below 10 PM. While a regular surgical mask can filter out large dust particles, above that size. It’s just that not everyone can use the N95 mask. People who want to use N95 masks should go through individual fit tests to ensure mask protection against dust particles. Because the shape of a person’s face is different. If directly used without fit test later mask cannot fit. So its use is not meaningful. The fit test is performed to see if the use of N95 masks can help or even cause health risks. Therefore, there are some groups that are not recommended to use the mask. For example when in the home, in children, pregnant women, the elderly and the elderly. Also in patients with cardiovascular disease and patients with chronic lung disease.

The use of masks is prohibited in the group because of the risk of inhibiting respiration. Because small and large dust particles can stick in masks, and eventually even make breathing difficult. The use of a regular surgical mask is also quite meaningful. But it must be seen also who is using and when the use of the mask. That is the reason why there is no need to argue about N95 masks and ordinary surgical masks. Both have functions depending on the situation and conditions.