Results from Laser Hair Removal

The result of this laser hair removal of fine hairs will fall naturally. Will it eventually be permanently lost? When compared with waxing or threading, the treatment results using lasers are much more durable, as they usually can remove up to 70% of the body hair permanently and the remaining 30% will grow again in a thinner and smoother shape. Do this treatment on

If you want to eliminate it permanently, the only way to destroy the follicle, the part in the skin that regulates the growth and coloring of hair and hair. Like many other beauty procedures, if you intend to do this treatment, do it in a place that is credible, be it a place that supports, to the technicalities. Not only that, before doing the treatment, you also must limit the habit to pluck the fur by manual, waxing or electrolysis for 2 weeks.

Lapse 1 or 2 days after treatment, the laser skin area will feel and look like burning by the sun. Giving compresses and moisturizers can also help reduce the effects. Furthermore, you can do the treatment in accordance with the advice or recommendation of the doctor.

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