Know these before registering your child for an international school

The national school is known for his students good at memorizing. We can see that there are so many subjects. And many need rote. Many physics and chemistry teachers in national schools have less ability to count, prioritize memorizing materials. Sometimes confused as well, why when the Newton Law’s legal repetition, a lot of memorization than count. Because the champion memorizes, so the Asians who study abroad is well known for the master memorize than the students of other countries. You are no stranger to hear that Asian college graduates are theoretical of the theory rather than practice is not it? Meanwhile, you may also want to go and check out the best Best International School in Bangkok.

For international school, there is also rote, but the weight is not as much as the national school. Most of them are more likely to practice than the theory of memorization. So many counts, and practice conversation, writing, etc. As well as International School students are more dominant in presentations because of their many lessons requiring them to present and debate in front of their friends, it also increases the confidence later in the world of work where they should present in front of the bosses or clients.

For national schools, our final examinations often hear easily leak and are not often traded because of it. While the final examination of an international school, they are based on Cambridge / HSC / IB exams that direct replication sent abroad and checked there. And can not leak. Usually, national school exams are all double choice (a, b, c, d), while for multiple international school exams multiple choice, and the rest essay, so it is difficult for count the buttons.

For international schools such as their IB International Baccalaureate Diploma program a lot of project/assessment, making a paper, discussing a case study, etc., and the results are considered to be repeated. And sometimes the project is sent abroad to be assessed. For a national school, a paper of a national school student. Although the work of a paper that is very tiring can spend days, usually its value is not used as a value test. Just the value of distraction. So the student’s awards were very poor.