Find How To Overcome The Troubled Walls Here

Many people have problems with their walls because the foundations are wrong and the foundations of the foundations are in error. It certainly can be a danger for the owners of the house. if you experience it, then you can use the fix slab foundation as a good handling of the problem you are experiencing.

There are various problems that occur on the walls of your house. One of the problems is the crack in the wall. Another problem that is also no less serious is the presence of mold and mildew that attaches to the wall of the house. if this happens, then there are several ways to overcome it.

– Find the cause
Know in advance what causes the walls to become moldy and damp. Is it because the wall is directly affected by water or the presence of water seepage and lack of circulation. After knowing the problem, then you can continue the problem to the next step.

– To deal with water-exposed walls directly, then use an impermeable layer on the finishing surface of the wall. such as plaster of cement and sand mixture with a ratio of 1: 3. For the finished wall, then you can use waterproof paint.

– To overcome the seeped walls, then you should find the seepage center. if there are plumbing, roof or other parts that leak, then you should immediately fix it first. For water seepage, you should fix the existing stucco in the bathroom. Use a mixture of cement and sand to create a strong and robust waterproof layer.

– If the walls are moldy, then there are several ways you can do.
1. Clean the wall with a cleaning fluid, or detergent. Gosook with a slightly rough brush to remove the fungus.
2. For mushrooms that have been in large quantities, then you must provide a liquid fungicide first.

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